Papa Jack’s Disc Golf Course

The free public disc golf course in Shippensburg Township Park was named for local disc golf champion Jack Roddick. Work began in 2010 with contributions of labor and expertise from Scott Evans, Brian Oldt, Steve Oldt, Jack Roddick, Dan Roddick, Glenn Asper and Elliot Shuey and others. A number of busineses and non profit sponsors provided funding. Installation completed in early November 2010 and its offical opening was celebrated with a tournament organized by Ra Kligg of the Shippensburg Rotary Club in April 2011.

Course map thumbnail image
Papa Jack’s course map

About disc golf:

Since its emergence in the 1960’s, disc golf has grown in popularity and is now played around the world at more than 3,000 courses. Like Shippensburg Township’s, a vast majority of the courses are free and open to the public. The game is played similarly to golf, except with a disc (like a Frisbee®) instead of a ball and clubs. The object is to make it from the “tee” to the “hole” in as few “strokes” (throws) as possible. For more information on the rules and techniques of game play, we recommend reading the Professional Disc Golfer’s Association introductory guide.