The Joint Comprehensive Plan is a joint plan in conjunction with Shippensburg Borough.  It is a guide designed to help anticipate change, identify community goals, and implement future community projects.

Appendix A-Public Outreach Results

Appendix B-Geologic Formations

Appendix C-Intergovernmental Cooperative Implementation Agreement

Chapter 1-Joint Comprehensive Planning Process

Chapter 2-Regional Setting And Influences

Chapter 3-Identification Of Issues-Public Participation

Chapter 4-Policy Statements

Chapter 5-Goals And Objectives

Chapter 6-Future Land Use & Housing Plan

Chapter 7-Economic Development Plan

Chapter 8-Transportation & Circulation Plan

Chapter 9-Community Facilities & Services Plan

Chapter 10-Plan For Resource Conservation & Historic Preservation

Chapter 11-Action Plan

Chapter 12-Plan Interrelationships

Chapter 13-Existing Land Use

Chapter 14-Population And Housing Characteristics

Chapter 15-Traffic Network And Circulation

Chapter 16-Community Facilities

Chapter 17-Economic & Employment Inventory

Chapter 18-Natural Features

Chapter 19-Historic Resources

Steering Committee Members


Figure 2.1-Base Map

Figure 2.2-USGS Quadrangle Reproduction

Figure 6.1-Future Land Use

Figure 8.1-Future Traffic Circulation

Figure 13.1-Existing Land Use

Figure 13.2-Agricultural Resources

Figure 13.4-Proposed & Approved SALDO 

Figure 15.2-Functional Classification & Traffic Volume

Figure 16.1-Community & Recreation Facilities

Figure 16.2-Existing & Proposed Sewer Facilities

Figure 16.3-Existing & Proposed Water Facilities 

Figure 18.1-Water Related Features

Figure 18.2-Geologic Formations & Aquifers

Figure 18.4-Soils Map

Figure 18.5-Natural Resources

Figure 19.1-Historic Resources