General Information

Happy Tails Dog Park is a major feature of the Shippensburg Township Park, providing an off-leash area to exercise pets, while the rest of the park and the adjacent Cumberland Valley Rail Trail requires your dog to remain on-leash.

The dog park is divided into a large dog area and a small dog area. Large dogs are not permitted in the small dog area for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the grass. The large dog area is mulched by necessity to stand up to heavy wear.

Rules and Regulations

  1. No attendant on duty. Dog owners are legally and financially responsible for their dogs’ behavior. You use this park at your own risk. Shippensburg Township is NOT liable for any injuries to dogs, their owners/handlers, or others that use this park.
  2. All dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated and have annual fecal test. Dogs that are sick or appear unhealthy are not permitted.
  3. Keep your dog on leash when entering and exiting the park and have your leash at hand at all times. Unleash and leash your dog in the entry areas between gates.
  4. Limit 2 dogs per person in off-leash area.
  5. No children under 10 years of age permitted. No one under 18 permitted without adult supervision.
  6. No food (human or dog), cigarettes, alcohol, or glass permitted.
  7. NEVER leave your dog unattended.
  8. No female dogs in heat. Closely supervise intact males.
  9. No puppies under four months of age.
  10. No choke, prong (pinch), or spike collars
  11. ALWAYS clean up dog waste and place in appropriate containers. Waste bags and disposal receptacles provided.
  12. Dicourage digging. Owners must fill in any holes their dogs digs.
  14. No large dogs in small dog area and vice versa.
  15. FIrst time park users should consider visiting during non-peak times. Listen to your dog’s body language. They will let you know if they are nervous. Take it slow; remember this is for your dogs’ enjoyment. Always leave the park when your dog is having a good time. THis will make it more likely that they will want to do it again.
  16. Professional trainers may NOT use this park to conduct their business.

Please be courteous and responsible. We want to keep this off-leash area a free service, but only you can make that happen. If you notice someone not abiding by these rules, remind them that this park is there for everyone’s enjoyment.

Contact Shippensburg Township at 717-532-7137 with questions or to report misconduct.